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While there is a lower class I am in it;
While there is a criminal class I am of it;
While there is a soul in prison I am not free.Eugene V Debs

Men and women who have dreamed dreams have led in the world’s progress toward higher and better things. The exploitation of man by man, of nation by nation, fabulously enriches the favoured few and impoverishing and degrading the toiling and producing masses. The few have the power to rob and enslave the many. 5 percent privately own our natural resources and our industrial machinery. In virtue of which they have the power to rule nations and rob the people. The Socialist Party says it will put an end to private ownership of social necessities. The issue — the one and only issue — is socialism. There is no other. Stick to it! Proclaim it everywhere! Socialism or capitalism. Freedom or slavery? Which? That is the issue and the only issue and the only issue that appeals to the intelligence of the working class. The end of private ownership means the end of exploitation, and the end of exploitation means the end of war and the beginning of worldwide peace. Trade wars must be backed by machine guns and missile. The war of blood follows the war for trade. Put an end to it all by replacing capitalism with socialism, and industrial despotism with industrial democracy, wherein the people, the whole people, shall own and control their common means of life, produce all things for their common use and enjoyment, and not for gorging parasites, and then, exploitation having ceased, competition for trade being ended, the incentive to war vanishes and for the first time in history the mankind is at peace. We are socialists, world socialists, and we have no use, not one bit, for capitalist wars. We have no enemies among the workers of other countries; and no friends among the capitalists of any country; the workers of all countries are our friends and the capitalists of all countries are our enemies. The class war is our war and our only war. We have no interest in national wars for ruling class conquest and plunder. In all these wars the workers are slaughtered while their masters grow fat in the spoils of conquest. The time has come for the workers to cease fighting the battle of their masters and to fight their own; to cease being slaughtered like cattle for the profit of the ruling class and to line up in the class struggle regardless of race or nationality for the overthrow of class rule and for the emancipation of their class and humanity. Permanent peace, however; peace based upon social justice, will never prevail until national industrial despotism has been supplanted by international industrial democracy. The end of profit and plunder among nations will also mean the end of war and the dawning of the era of “Peace on Earth and Good Will among Men.”

In every revolution of the past the false and cowardly plea that the people were “not yet ready” has prevailed. Some intermediate class or political party invariably supplanted the class that was overthrown and “the people” remained at the bottom where they have been since the beginning of history. They have never been “ready” to rid themselves of their despots, robbers, and parasites. All they have ever been ready for has been to exchange one brood of blood-sucking leeches for another to drain their veins and fatten in their misery. False prophets of the people and traitors to the working class delude followers. But themselves people are ready for their day. The people are the working class, the lower class, the robbed, the oppressed, the impoverished, the great majority of the earth. They are THE PEOPLE, and they who exploit the working class, and the mercenaries and lackeys who aid and abet the exploiters, are the enemies of the people. Working class solidarity must be the watchword. Industrial unity and political unity the revolutionary solidarity o the working class, will give us the power to conquer capitalism and emancipate the workers of the world. Beware of capitalism’s politicians and preachers! These are the real betrayers of the people, the hypocrites. They are the descendants of the hypocrites of old who all down the ages have guarded the flock in the name of patriotism and religion and secured the choicest morsels for themselves by turning the sheep over to the ravages of the wolves. Beware of the liveried hypocrites of the landlords, the usurers, the money-changers, the stockmarket-gamblers, the exploiters, the enslavers and despoilers of the people; beware of the ruling class politicians and preachers in every form who are so profoundly concerned about your “patriotism” and your “religion” and who receive their 30 pieces of silver for warning you against socialism because it will endanger your morality and interfere with your salvation. They are the slimy, oil-tongued deceivers, who traffic in the slavery and misery of their fellow-beings. Capitalism is the same everywhere. Wherever capitalism appears, in pursuit of its mission of exploitation, there will socialism, born out of misery, fed by blood sweat and tears and animated by agitation and proclaiming its mission of emancipation. The Socialist Party is intent upon building up a working class party for independent political action. The Socialist Party stands upon a sound platform, embodying the principles of world socialism, clearly expressed, and proclaims its mission of conquest on the basis of the class struggle. Its tactics are in harmony with its principles, and both are absolutely uncompromising. The mission of the Socialist Party is to awaken fellow-workers to a consciousness to be a socialist. We are not after office, we want socialism. We care nothing about office except in so far as it represents the triumph of socialism. Our goal is the “brotherhood of man,” and the tenet “Each for all and all for each”. It is no utopian dream, not the product of imagination, nor a mirage of the desert to allure and vanish, but a world-view of life and labour in which the humblest individual secures life, liberty, and happiness. 
We know that day by day, nourished by the desperation and vitalised by the aspirations of the working class, the area of its activity widens, it grows in strength and when the final hour of capitalism and wage slavery strikes, the Socialist Party will proclaim FREEDOM TO ALL MANKIND.

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The environmental global warming climate change crisis appears to have eclipsed the nuclear war apocalypse as the greatest threat to the human race. Nevertheless, the dangers of nuclear war has never disappeared and has, in fact, returned to its old Cold War sabre-rattling. Nuclear weapons remain the most destructive, inhumane and indiscriminate weapons ever created. A single nuclear bomb
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Which? analysed 32 local authorities using data submitted to Food Standards Scotland and ranked them. Authorities were judged on the number of medium and high risk premises meeting hygiene requirements, the total premises rated for risk and the amount of planned interventions, such as inspections or follow up actions.The results found Edinburgh is ranked bottom in Scotland, and is the eighth lowest ranking local authority area in the UK, while Glasgow achieved the second lowest score in the country. Five other local authorities in Scotland - Aberdeen, Moray, Clackmannanshire, Falkirk and Perth and Kinross - were ranked in the bottom 10% across the UK.The Orkney Islands were found to have the best food safety standards in Scotland and finished seventh in the UK overall. The second highest-ranked council area in Scotland was North Lanarkshire.
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“Give us imagination enough to conceive; courage enough to will; power enough to compel; and then I say, the thing will be done.” - William Morris

“We want no condescending saviours to rule us from their judgement hall. We workers ask not for their favours, let us consult for all.” These verses of the Internationale  echo Marx’s saying that the emancipation of the working classes must be conquered by the working classes themselves.” Do heroes create history or do slaves create history?  Another version explains, “No saviour from on high delivers, no faith have we in prince or peer. Our own right hand the chains must shiver, Chains of hatred, greed and fear.” The Internationale tells us that there is no great men who know everything. It is we the labourers who create world history, and not those leaders who style themselves 'saviours.'  All the intellectuals and academics have convinced themselves that the workers are too ignorant, and too undeveloped to do any such thing as rule but we do know how to transform the world. We have no interest in oratory games between “big leaders”. As the Communist Manifesto says our goal “an association, in which the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all.”  Socialism demands the liberation of humanity.
Socialists fully understand that the members of a socialist community will have to perform certain functions in many ways similar to those performed today under capitalism. In every society men and women have to produce in order to live. In every economic system, there must be some balance between production and consumption. Every society, if it is not to stagnate and decay, must produce a surplus of goods over and above the sum total of the goods necessary for the upkeep of the producers, the maintenance and replacement of productive equipment and so on. Yet the social relationships within which these functions are performed are so different in various systems that it is useless to search for common historical and sociological denominators for these functions. The surplus produce of a capitalist economy takes the form of rent, profit and interest; and this determines the entire mode of life of the capitalist world. In socialism, the surplus produce, belonging to society as a whole, would cease to be profit. The function of that surplus and its impact upon social life would be altogether different from what it was under the old order when the scale and the rhythm of any nation’s productive activity were normally determined by whether that activity was or was not profitable to the capitalist class. In the same way, the emulation in which men would engage under socialism (or communism) would have little or nothing in common with their ancestors’ competition. Under capitalism, men compete for profits or wages. There is a hierarchy to oppression under capitalism. It begins with the most vulnerable then works upward.
The Socialist Party is a political party, and it is not its business to what tactics workers shall apply in their trade union struggles. We are all socialists. We all stand for the same one thing. If we mean to destroy capitalism we must develop the power of our class, and we can only do that through the class-conscious unity. To this end the Socialist Party must stand fearless and uncompromising for the working class upon the basis of the class struggle and wage the war against capitalism for the liberation of labour from its age-old bondage. The sound education, of the workers alone can fit and prepare them for the herculean task before them. It is only through the education of the workers that they can come to clearly understand the necessity of not only organising, but for the kind of organisation required to give them the power to carry on their struggle, to fight their everyday battles, and finally to conquer capitalism and come into possession of their own. of the world. The world of capitalism is today in a state of collapse and bankruptcy where only socialism can save civilisation from lapsing into the barbarism of the dark ages. How important that we should muster all our forces and conserve all our energies for the Herculean task that confronts us. The political parties of capitalism are disintegrating from their own sheer rottenness and corruption. Decent voters are deserting both in disgust and seeking another fit for their allegiance. That other has to be the Socialist Party. Let us as a party stand staunchly for the industrial organisation of the workers and aid them in every way in our power, not only to achieve their industrial solidarity but by standing solidly behind them in every fight they have with their draconian bosses, in every struggle with their exploiting masters. We are their fellow-workers, their interest is our interest, our party is their party, and we are bound to fight with them in every battle they wage everywhere and every day in the year. 
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In the US there are no federal regulations either guaranteeing a citizen’s right to water or water affordability. Water is already unaffordable for one of 10 U.S. households, a share that’s forecast to triple to more than 30 percent of within five years, according to recent research from Michigan State University. Meanwhile, water and sewer prices more than doubled between 2000 to 2016,
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